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Large producer of honey products

The Ural company is a large manufacturer of a wide range of cosmetic and medical products for health from bee products.

Our story

The company was founded in 1997. The history of the company began with the purchase of four bee families. Over the years of fruitful work, “Ural” has become a major manufacturer and supplier of natural beekeeping products.

This year for the enterprise marks the beginning of a new stage in production. This is due to the emergence of the possibility of processing bee bread in honeycombs and obtaining clean granules with subsequent delivery throughout Russia.

Since 2014, the company has opened its own workshop with the launch of a tablet line, and work begins on the deep processing of propolis with the release of various extracts and spray. In the same year the line of cosmetics for the whole family “Altyn solok” was born.

2016 – launch of a line for deep processing of propolis with the release of various extracts and spray. The most important thing for our friendly team is to work for the good of people, and to have beekeeping products on every table!


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An important feature in relations with customers is that the company provides timely and high-quality delivery of goods. Products are developed taking into account the needs of potential customers, and the range is constantly being replenished and expanded. All this makes cooperation with our company attractive and mutually beneficial.

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