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Types of honey by origin

By origin, natural honey can be floral and honeydew.

Flower and honeydew honey

Flower honey is produced by bees in the process of collecting and processing the nectar secreted by plant nectaries, both flowering and extra flowering.

Bees produce honeydew by collecting honeydew (sweet secretions of aphids and some other insects) and honeydew from leaves or stems of plants. Honeydew honey contains an increased amount of mineral substances, therefore it is not left for the wintering of bees: an increased amount of indigestible substances leads to overflow of the bees’ intestines, diarrhea and weakening up to the death of families.

Types of flower honey

Depending on the melliferous plant, the nectar of which was collected by bees, honey differs in color, taste and smell. If honey is obtained from one specific type of plant, then it is called monofloral, usually it is given the name of this plant – for example, linden, fireweed, buckwheat, sunflower. If bees have collected nectar from different plants, then such honey is usually called polyfloral (mixed) or simply floral. It is necessary to realize that it is almost impossible to get honey from one honey plant – several honey plants usually bloom next to the apiary at the same time, and when pumping out, old stocks of the bee colony collected earlier from other plants can get along with the freshest honey.

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