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Statii o pchelovodstve

O Bashkirii





1.    Southern Ural is one of the most picturesque places in the world. Here is the border between Asia and Europe. Here is the beautiful land where the dazzling marvelous mountains reach the clouds, where the boundless meadows, thick forests, melodious rivers and azure lakes charm with its divine beauty and magnificence.

2.    Legend of Bashkir people origin. Long ago in ancient times there lived a brave and freedom-loving tribe. Once they were roaming from place to place to find the best pastures and came upon the Land, and no land was equal to this Land in resplendence and riches. And since that time hey began living in this land and collecting the wild bees honey, whose taste was like nectar of gods. And they were called “bashkort” which means “bash” – head and “kort”- bee.

3.   Kuray is created by the nature itself. The melody of this Ural flute is granted to everyone who cuts off a melodious reed in an age-old forest.

4.  Bashkir bee is a great toiler. When the Sun is rising the winged toilers start flying around meadows and forests and return to the hives with the most taste and health-giving nectar. The peoples of Urals were engaged in bee-keeping from time immemorial. Nowadays the Bashkir people do not lose ancient traditions of wild-hive beekeeping.

5.  The Bashkir honey is famous all over the world due to its healing properties and unique taste. It is a symbol and pride of Bashkortostan. The Bashkir honey combines the nectar of wonderful plants and flowers growing only on the territory of Bashkortostan and its miraculous healing strength.

6. “Ural Batyr” is one of the most ancient literary monuments of the Bashkir culture. It is a marvelous sample of mythological perception of the Bashkir people. “Ural Batyr” is a voice of millennium. It is notable for fascinating plot and philosophy of life and death, eternity of nature and mankind. That is why the significance of this epos is common to all mankind 









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