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  A bit of history of the company, it all started in 1997 with the purchase of 4 bee colonies. Over the years, becoming a major producer of bee products. The main activity of the company is the production on their own apiaries, unique bee products natural honey, pollen, propolis, homogenate, wax, honey wax moli.Fasovka made kuboteynery, jars and containers in the customer, pollen, propolis in cardboard boxes


  2004 - started processing of pollen in the cells, and getting clean pellets subsequent delivery across Russia.

  2012 - opens a new direction tourist apiary "Bashkort" for residents and guests.

  2014 - opening their own shop for processing of bee products with the launch of a tablet line.

  2016 launch of the line of deep processing of propolis with the release of various extracts and Each refill lasts up.

  The most important thing for our friendly team is to work for the benefit of people, and that beekeeping was on every table!

  Bashkir honey - repeated participant and winner of various food exhibitions and fairs. Bashkir honey is the first time won an award in 1900 in France at the Paris World Fair, marking II International Congress on beekeeping, where he received a gold medal.

   1961 - Gold medal in Erfurt (Germany)

   1965 - Silver medal in Bucharest (Romania) at the XX International Congress of Apimondia

   1971 - Gold Medal in Moscow at the XXIII International Congress of Apimondia, the exhibition "Beekeeping-71."

   2002 - the highest award marked the Bashkir honey in the international exhibition "Green Week" in Berlin.

   2001-2004 years - the highest award at the World Fair "Russian Farmer" - "Agrorus" in St. Petersburg.















Our company










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